About ESLJobsKorea.com

Who we are

ESLJobsKorea.com is a recruitment firm which places native english speakers looking for their next adventure into top private English academies in Korea. The team at ESLJobsKorea.com combine more than 20 years of educational experience in Korea, both as native English/ESL teachers or school management. It is this detailed knowledge which allows us to find the right fit for teachers and schools respectively, and help bridge the gap in recruiting as well as culture. We only work with approved academies which meet strict requirements and follow all necessary government mandated guidelines to hire native English teachers.

What we do

Our goal is to streamline the recruiting process to make it as easy as possible for native English speakers to discover the Land of the Morning Calm through ESL teaching in Korea. We do this by first screening applicants by the most basic requirements to teach, then finding their preferences in terms of age, location, and teaching experience, and then lastly matching them with pre-vetted partner academies in Korea. The requirements we follow are those set by the Korean government to receive a teaching visa. The process then is simply to apply, gather materials, interview, and get going!

Why we do it

We believe teaching English in Korea can be a great catalyst to explore a new culture, discover more about yourself, and find your next big adventure. We believe this because this has been our experience, both as teachers and as local English academy owners. Learning a new language is one of the few things in life which unlocks a whole new world of information, ideas, and experiences. Teaching a language then can provide the same experiences, especially when doing so in a new setting and culture. Sharing these experiences is what brought our team together, and what we hope to share with others.  

Teaching English in Korea starts here!