Start Teaching in Korea

To get started on your ESL journey, follow the 4-step process outlined below.

1. Apply

It all starts with your application. The application is purposefully short, and should take less than 2 minutes. This will be enough information to start matching you with potential schools, and any additional information will be requested by email.

ESL Korea Application
Education (Check all that apply)

2. Gather

Once you've submitted the form, start gathering the necessary documents to get your E-2 visa once hired. You can start working on your FBI or federal background check, requesting your official diploma and transcripts, and anything else required. Please visit the Resources page for more information.

3. Interview

Whie gathering the necessary documents, it is now time to prepare for your interview. The interviews will be set up via email or phone, and usually consist of a short 30-minute conversation reviewing your background, excitement for teaching English and living in Korea, and other typical questions. The resources page will again be of use.

4. Get Going!

Once you have found the right school and received your invitation letter, you can finalize your visa application and will be on your way to teaching English in Korea. The start date and flight ticket will be provided and agreed upon just after your interview. Now is the time to pack, plan, and prepare for exploring and discovering all Korea has to offer. Adverture awaits!

Questions? Comments? Not sure where to start? Reach out for a free consulation!